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If you have bought a license for IT Communication Assistant, you can make workspaces available to your IT colleagues right away. It’s super easy and takes you less than 5 minutes.

Follow the steps below.

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Internal IT Communication Advice
IT Communication Assistant

Provide workspaces by assigning sub accounts

Providing workspaces can only be done through the corporate account.

Laptop & Desktop

Access https://assistant.howtocommunicate.tech/ through your browser. Tip: add to your favorites/bookmarks.

Phone & Tablet

Access https://assistant.howtocommunicate.tech/ through your browser. Tip: add to your start screen (as a webapp).

1. Login with the email address (and created password) you used during registration for the license.

2. Go to Account and navigate to the Subscriptions tab.

3. Click on the little symbol with 3 vertical dots to the right of your subscription. Then click on ‘Sub Accounts‘.

4. Through this page you can easily create sub accounts. This can be done manually or by internally sharing a signup url with your colleagues.

Share signup link internally

Or add accounts manually

5. That’s all! Sharing the ‘Signup URL’ may be the easiest way so your colleagues can sign themselves up. Feel free to use the internal communication message below.

IT Communication Assistant

Share the Signup URL

Introduce IT Communication Assistant to IT teams and colleagues.

You can edit, copy, paste, and share the below internal communication message.

ITSM Communication Strategy & Workspaces (to craft content)

Dear IT colleagues,

In the rapidly changing digital world in which we operate (especially within ITSM), effective IT communication to stakeholders and internal employees is essential.

To keep communication as low key as possible, we provide the interactive templates and tools from Howtocommunicate.tech within our ITSM organization.

The templates and tools are accessible through the web app IT Communication Assistant. Each of you can register a workspace using this link:
[insert Signup URL here]

IT Communication Assistant workspace

After registering your workspace, it is accessible through https://assistant.howtocommunicate.tech/.

In your workspace you can:

  • Craft IT messages
  • Draft newsletters
  • Clarify technical concepts
  • Prepare workaround manuals
  • Quickly set up FAQs
  • Plan your communication

Please take advantage of these tools. A user guide is available (although the web app is self-explanatory).

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.