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IT Communication Assistant

Workspaces for planning and crafting IT communication

IT Communication Assistant is a low-key web app that provides IT specialists a workspace with interactive IT communication templates and tools, born from real experiences and challenges within IT teams.

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IT Communication Tools

With an IT Communication Assistant workspace, the IT communication tools below are at your immediate disposal.
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Craft IT messages

An interactive template is available for every IT situation. All you have to do is go through the chosen format and fill it with information. This results in a clear message in a professional communication cover. Immediately ready for publication.

Craft an IT message ➞

Create newsletters

A simple IT newsletter builder is availabale to regularly highlight disclosures on behalf of your IT team. You can choose sections you want to include and fill them. This results in an interesting newsletter in pdf format to share with your stakeholders.

Newsletter maker ➞

Clarify technical information

An IT jargon translation engine is available. This allows you to quickly clarify complex IT concepts in everyday language. In such a way that even non-techies can easily identify with the technical concept.

Technical concept explainer ➞

Prepare workaround manuals

A manual creator for temporary problem solving is available. You can fill out an interactive template for a clear workaround instruction. This results in a neat, professional manual (pdf) you can download and distribute.

Workaround manual creator ➞

Quickly set up FAQs

An FAQ creator is available to make stakeholders more self-reliant about an IT initiative or situation. You can go through a smooth wizard to quickly set categories and enter questions and answers. This results in an organized pdf file you can share.

FAQ creator ➞

Manage a communication calendar

A calendar tool is available to plan your IT communication events. You can easily schedule a timeline. Recommendations are made for formats and frequencies to communicate proactively (and reactively in case of incidents).

Communication planning ➞