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How to set up a simple IT newsletter from your IT team

Create an interesting low-key newsletter about your IT initiatives. Stay top-of-mind with your stakeholders and communicate proactively.

Creating an IT newsletter allows your IT team to highlight achievements, share insights, and foster a sense of unity. It’s a chance to showcase your impact, exchange knowledge, and celebrate successes, boosting morale and emphasizing the IT department’s vital role in the organization’s success.

Here is a simple roadmap for creating an IT newsletter

Follow the steps below and in no time you’ll have a low-key IT newsletter up and running.

1. Open the Newsletter maker in IT Communication Assistant

Make sure you have a workspace and go to: https://assistant.howtocommunicate.tech/newsletter-maker/

2. Name your IT newsletter with a recognizable title

This could be, for example: IT Newsletter – [Your Team Name] – [Date]

3. Write an introduction that inspires curiosity

Briefly share your main news and what stakeholders can expect in your newsletter.

4. Choose the sections you want to include and fill them with information

The possible sections you can include are listed below.


Upcoming events or recaps, issues encountered, updates to IT protocols, or any other newsworthy information.

Project updates

Current projects, upcoming projects, and completed projects.

Tips & tricks

Useful shortcuts (productivity), security tips, featured tools or services, or other technical advice.

Team spotlight

Milestones, achievements, and/or introductions of team members.

Learning & development

Training opportunities, webinars, courses, and knowledge resources.


Brief overview of upcoming events.

5. Generate PDF to share with your stakeholders

After going through the interactive format and filling the sections, you can add some final information such as contact options, a call for feedback and additional notes. Then click in on “Create newsletter” to generate the pdf file.

Now you have an organized IT newsletter in pdf format that you can share with your stakeholders.

Try sharing a newsletter frequently. Recommended is monthly or quarterly.

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