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About Howtocommunicate.tech

Fully supported by an ITSM Communication Consultant

Imagine an IT-professional-friendly web app for fast creation of professional IT publications, from IT Service Management purposes.

  • Outlined by an IT Communication Specialist from the ITSM field.
  • Inserted to keep communication for IT professionals as low key as possible.
  • According to a practical IT communication strategy. Turnkey.

IT Communication Assistant

IT Communication Specialist for ITSM

My experience – as an internal communications consultant for IT teams (ITSM) – is that IT professionals have limited time for creating professional IT content. They are hard pressed to meet their deadlines, so their communication is messy (or it doesn’t happen at all).

To meet IT professionals, I developed a web app that offers them a fast and efficient way to draft professional (internal) IT messages. It’s full of universal formats and tools to greatly improve their level of communication (with a fast, unified and consistent approach).

They can be sure that all relevant information is conveyed, which means:

  • More peace of mind (fewer misunderstandings and unnecessary questions).
  • Increased productivity in the organization.
  • Greater confidence in the IT department and higher customer satisfaction.

This web app makes IT professionals target their deadlines while communicating effectively (without fraying it) and you can try it for free.