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Imagine a user-friendly web app to craft consistent IT messages through guiding IT communication formats for any IT situation – prepared by a communication expert from the IT field.

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Beware of poor IT communication

Caution! Stay ahead of the following business implications.

Increased IT support requests

Unclear communication leads to an increase in support requests, overwhelming IT teams.

End user frustration

Constant confusion or lack of clarity leads to employee dissatisfaction and frustration, which affects the overall work atmosphere.

Lost productivity

Employees waste time trying to understand what is expected of them and searching for additional information.

Decision-making problems

Employees may make wrong decisions based on incomplete or unclear information, lacks growing business.

High operational costs

Errors resulting from miscommunication lead to additional hours for recovery or additional IT support.

Reduced trust in the IT department

When miscommunication is a recurring problem, trust in the IT department decreases, complicating the relationship between IT and other departments.

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