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IT Communication Assistant

Illuminate Messaging to End Users: Clear & Complete

This virtual assistant significantly lowers the barrier for clear, complete and enlightening communication between IT professionals (Service Managers, Support Officers, etc.) and end users. Reduce questions and misunderstanding.

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IT Communication Assistant Tool

IT Communication Assistant

IT Communication Assistant is used by businesses all over the world.
Our goal is to illuminate messaging to end users.
Do you believe in better IT communication?

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Draft clear communication messages, clarify technical concepts, create user manuals & FAQs easily and make solid communication plans.

Set up communication

Draft a professional communication message. According to a template.

Technical concept explainer

Clarify a technical concept.

User manual creator

Create a small step-by-step user manual or workaround instruction.

FAQ creator

Create an FAQ with questions and answers about an IT system/service.

Communication plan maker

Define how to communicate with end users.

Guidelines, Tips & Advice

Master your Communication

Close the gap with end users and master your communication. Follow our expert advice and guidelines to communicate most effectively.

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Laptop & Desktop

Access https://assistant.howtocommunicate.tech/ through your browser and add to your favorites/bookmarks.

Mobile & Tablet

Access https://assistant.howtocommunicate.tech/ through your browser and add to your start screen (as a webapp).